Hi Guys! My name is Norma G. and I am the owner of Little Beyoutifull Soul. I am a mama of three little babes that were answered prayers and a wife to my high school sweetheart. I have a long story on how this boutique started that I will share one day, but for now I will share a short one. I was a stay at home mama that struggled with mental illness. I was suicidal, depressed,  had severe anxiety, panic disorder, the list goes on. Even though I was going through this storm, the Lord was there with me. A lot of people think that just because God is in your life that everything is going to be perfect, but it is during those times, that he is walking with you, holding your hand and helping you grow for his kingdom. I look back now and see how everything I have gone through has brought me to where I am today. He always has perfect timing, and he does things for good so that we could give him honor and glory. My goal with this business is for God's light to shine through by helping others, especially those that struggle with provisions and mental illness. It is something not many understand unless they have personally experienced it. I want my testimony to help those that have wanted to give up on life. I want them to see that even if we hit rock bottom, we could get back up and continue to achieve our goals, our dreams, and most importantly God's will for us. We all have a purpose, and we just have to seek God to figure out what it is. I truly believe that every child is a blessing, and every child has a purpose in this life. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity the Lord has given me with this business, because without him this would have not been possible. 
Grateful for my amazing family, family in christ, friends, and customers for supporting this business with your prayers, purchases, and kind words.
God Bless.
Numbers 6:24